Don't tell me things are bad
just say they are different
If you think black, say white
If you're ying , be yang

Who do you think you are
to tell me what to say
why should i want
the things you want

I don't follow the majority
but only my feeling
i don't do what people do
but only what i want to do

I'm not you, I'm not you
I'm me, don't tell me

In my views boys love girls
In my views i kill the killer
In my views we have to work
In my views music is life

Don't tell me how to die
I just try to live



all you have to do is stay by my side
all you have to do is never say goodbye
all you have to do is keep your eyes

deeper than the ocean, bluer than the sky
stronger than the old mountains
sweeter than the river tide
hot like the desert sun

But i want to be
yeah i want to be
so far from you, so strong with you
not to fall in your arms again



You're not suppose to say the word i wait for
but let me hope, let me hope...
You're not necessary my girl,
but let me dream, let me dream

For sure i could be a millionnaire
but if i worked, and i don't...
For sure i could be a top model
But i'm not...very nice

I could be everything i want
be the one who save the world
have my pockets full of money
with teeth whiter than sugar

i could be the first to meet E.T.
But i'm afraid of UFO
the best cowboy of the west
but horses don't really like me

I could be superman
but have no cape
could be hulk
but hate green..



He was twenty minutes to Dallas
No bullet in the gun
only one thing on his mind
ready to kill the bad guy

He was twenty minutes to Vegas
Not sure where to go
only one thing in his hand
the last bullet to shoot

Goin' everywhere
searching for the bad guy
He killed his wife, his son
and burned his house

He was a cowboy needed revenge
But didn't want to be an outlaw
Just wanted to kill the bad guy
Who broke his life and hope

One day near Santa Fe
in front of the bad guy
He shot him, He killed him
And went back to Tennessee

He wasn't a hero
He was a simple man
A cowboy and his horse
Riding for freedom and justice

Then one day he disappeared
In the dusty long way
From this time, justice was done
And came the land of freedom



Sometimes i'm lost in my dreams
not sure to be awake
but can feel the evil's dreams
Sure can't be fake
Still see the light of the bad
but don't want to turn back
I'm really not sad
n'still follow the dark
It comes to me the bad
can't perceive the shadow
just can smell the perfume
of the strange fellow
It comes to me in a black dress and long dark hair
with the smell of the forbidden
telling me to do something bad
well the dark is clear

 Follow here i'm hypnotized
can't resist the tentation
which comes in a long black dress
to take over my sensations
i just want to fall in evil's arms
and let me down to the good things
don't need fire arms
to get into a fight with dreams



Too much money
too many girls
but no more...beers
and no more tears
Wake up with jack
fall off with jose

Money Girls and beers
is what i need to be who i am
to love my country and my beers

i like the drinkin' songs
and the beer in my hand
don't like the memories
whose breaking my head

sunshine in my head
sunrise in tequila

'Cause i drive too fast
drink too much beers
love too many girls
but that's who i am

'n i'm comfortable in my skin
never see what's wrong
i like to be happy
and never be angry



He was a gi
for an awful war
a war for freedom
but what kind of freedom
and now he's back to his family
he served his country
and now he cries

he was a veteran
he was the best gi
he got a medal
and what.....

All the people killed
too easily
and now he atones
all his ugly sins
the sins of his crimes
mothers and babies
he thinks of all of them
and now he cries

he tried to forget
but you can't forget
he tried to survive
he lost his friends
in front of innocence
he became inhuman
he became a monster
and now he cries

young and patriotic
he fought for his country
he fought for honor
he fought for justice
yesterday hopefully
tomorrow hopelessly
he tries to be himself
and now he cries


US of A

Barebecue ribs, Texas songs,
California wines and New York city

that's what i like
This is the US of A

Great mountains, hot deserts,
John Deere tractors or big old trucks

Corona beers, Jack Daniel's
& Jose Cuervo, with the sun and flip flops

Oh in the USA i live, i love, i hope
Oh in the USA everything is possible



I'm goin' down to Mississippi
I'm goin' down, goin' down
down to Mississippi
I'm goin' straight to Nashville, Tennessee

Yeah, I'm goin' down / goin' down
goin' down / goin' down
down to Mississipi

Hair in the wind, radio on
singin' every song, goin' straight to Tennessee
Big glasses, well dressed, white teeth and expensive shoes,
Cuz' i'm goin' down, goin' down...

Driving faster than a formula one
Chatting up more than casanova
playing the fool and having fun
'cause i'm goin' down to Tennessee

Don't know where to go
Mississipi or Tennessee
but i'm goin' down straight to somewhere
down to Tennessee



It was a sunny day
when you passed away
I couldn't have imagined
that you could leave me

Never found the murderer
Hidden behind the law
Never found the killer
helped by the law

You were full of life
loved all the fun things
lived your life as you wanted
and everything was done

But a bad guy was here
took your life an' went away
let us here without an explanation
and we never caught him

you were too young to die
You were too young to fly

You were young and pretty
you were everything we needed
no word where you are buried
just a cross and the wind



I see you in red
i see you in blond
sometimes in brown
but ev'rytime twice

But i hate you baby
when you're not here
and i love you
big or small

but i like nights
with your friends in color
and i like to fights
to keep you in love

'n i drink n' i drink
'till i fall on the ground
n' i cry n' i cry
when you're not here my love

n' i drink n' i cry
'cause i'm so happy
that you're here with me
one – two – three

but when i'm over
ad i lay on the ground
i could hate you
and whish you weren't here



Driving in my car
goin' back home
listening music & thinkin'
words come in my head

i wish my voice could carry things
through my songs, everything i can't tell you
there is something deep inside me helping to live
so much passion that hurts me so much

not a day without my eyes laying on a picture
a color, a light, a shadow, a landscape which
make me feels allright

i go straight on away but don't know where
i think that living in the middle of nowhere
with my trees, my birds, and my home
sometimes i forget the war, which is not so far

i don't know how long i still had to live
but i want to use this time to protect my life
and all the things around me
i will protect sparrows, my ducks, my dogs, & my old horses
they just want to live quietly

i say all that & i know they'll laugh
they will say « i'm simple »
i think about all those people who think « i'm simple »
'cause i talk 'bout sparrows

I'm sure one day they will understand
maybe in a long time, maybe when they die
but they'll understand a short life
and the beauty of sparrows



You told me that you loved me
but I know things ain't right
Since you went to the city and saw the city lights
Promise after promise that we would never part
You fired up the grill now let's bar-b-que my heart

You told me that you loved me
and you were her to stay
but rich men in the city taught you other ways
you tossed aside your old life, for a brand new start
you fired up the grill now let's bar-b-que my heart

my heart spins round and round the spit, over open flame
while you paint bar-b-que sauce, on my lonely shame
so slice a part with a knife that's sharp
of the love you broke apart
as you fire up the grill and you bar-b-que my heart


"IF YOUR TEARS TOUCH MY LIPS" (It's because i'm kissing you)
If your tears touch my lips
it's because i'm kissing you
n' if your tears touch my lips
it's because i'm in love with you

i try to find love in your eyes
i try to see you like you're mine
but face to face your eyes kill me

& when i dream about your love
i only see what you hate most
this is a bad picture of me

i always hope you could love me
but when i'm running after you
you are always behind me
i try to catch you in mid flight
but your hands suddenly dissappear
Only your smile gives me hope

n' if you don't have enough tears
I'll get all the seas for you
to touch your lips again


WHISKEY & BEERS (the real drinkin' song for Hillbillies Paradise)

whiskey for the brain

beers for the mind
tequila for the blood
wine for the health
Whiskey and beers
they are my best friends
tequila & wine
sometimes too
Tequila and whiskey
they are my best friends
beers & wine

i like to sing beers
i like to drink lyrics
& i feel better
with more alcohol
this song is for you
this song is for me
this is for all lovers
of alcohol & whiskey & beers

I drink to remember
You drink to forget
I remember to drink
You forget to drink



There's three bridges crossing Devils Elbow
Where the Big Piney runs cruel and deep
But only one leads to Teardrop Hollow
Where my true love lies in eternal sleep

I'm resting on the banks of the Big Piney
Trying to keep dry and not to weep
Rain takes forever to keep falling
The only thing I hear is the wind sweep

I make my way to the Old Stagecoach Stop
and look for signs to weary Teardrop Road
At the Elbow Inn I'll lie in restless slumber
Or tell an unknown friend about my heavy load

I'm resting on the banks of the Big Piney
Trying to keep dry and not to weep
Rain takes forever to keep falling
The only thing I hear is the wind sweep

When I make my way over the Big Piney
And the River is finally at my back
I won't return to the land of strangers
They'll be no trace at all of my dirt track


She's working all day long
she's going through agony
to never have quiet moments
from this work that she don't like

she's crying when she’s back home
she's alone with her suffering
she never stops to work
just for a dollar and be dead tired

But when she's back, she's not so black
takes her guitar and sings some songs
looking at you with her pretty smile
'cuz she forgets when she sings

n' when the sun is rising
she goes back to work for a new day
and she don't know if she will play
but she's sure of what she wants



I saw this old man sitting at the bar
He seemed so poor and so sad
he smoked his cigarettes n' was looking all around
searching for a better place or something like that

We were together and he told me his story
he lost his wife and his children too
lost his job and the sun in his head
so tired and so sad...he said

Life is cool and sometimes sad
You have everything to gain
you have everything to lose
you just have to make your choice

Sometimes the sun cries
sometimes the birds don't fly
When she wasn't here
when you ain't no right

Too many times with this girl
too much love with her
but not enough memories
and not enough love

Life is cool and sometimes sad
You have everything to gain
you have everything to lose
you just have to make your choice

Even if the words that i wrote refuse to fly
Even if the love i that had refuse to die
he thinks about her everytime
he smells her perfume all the time

He told me his story
'bout his life and more
but when i came back from a round
he'd disappeared and let me alone....

Everytime i remember those words....

Life is cool and sometimes sad
You have everything to gain
you have everything to lose
you just have to make your choice



He's called Brad Paisley
playing guitar like a god
singin' with a wonderful voice
givin' all of us some dreams

He's a living legend
someone givin' us hope
someone changing clouds into sun
the best of celebrity

playing with eastwood or underwood
with parton, alabama, shelton
everything he touches becomes gold
everything he sings becomes true

when i listen to Brad Paisley
time is well wasted
it's everytime
an american saturday night
but for sure, this is country music
this is Brad Paisley

The best of the best
The king of the kings
This is Brad Paisley



I wanna try to let you go
But i can't, but i can't
i wanna try to forget you
But i need, but i need

your sweet eyes deep in mine
your picture everywhere i go
The smell of your skin in my head
And the memories of us together

I see TV movies and see your face
Listen to the radio and hear your voice
read a magazine and see your picture
close my eyes and you are by my side

You haunt me
you are my dream and nightmare
And i try, yes i try
to let you go

Iwanna try to forget you
far from love, far from you
i see two birds in a blue sky
i think of us all the time



I'm living fast
spend my money all day long
No she don't want, no she don't need another round

I've got two beers
One on the right, second on left
I've got a cowboy hat
Dirty boots and a Texas shirt
Five dollar bills and a rock star glass

I want to stomp my feet, and rock this place
Hell yeah (yeah) and drink some beers
Have all my friends and be ready for the party
And hear everybody says « Yeehaw »

I'm wild and free
no pressure anywhere
gonna straight to the land
Of freedom and home of the brave
i want no stress
and no dress code



Where angels don't cry
that's where i wanna go
Where to have another try
And have another law

alone with my memories
looking at the old pictures
of the past without problem
the whiskey helps me to forget

standing here with no dream
remembering the time where
everything was right
but for sure i know

To never drink alone
I know angels don't cry
they drink with me
'til the last shot down
they stay with me
'til i'll be with 'em

I remember this time
when we were together and alone
i miss you baby
i drink you baby

cant' believe life could be
crazy and sometimes bad
can't believe you
don't live in this world no more



Have all the things you want
have all the things you need
but want something not possible
and need the impossible

Sometimes life is so great
sometimes don't know where you are

Thought everything was won
thought everything was ok
can't believe you're wrong
can't believe you're faulse

believe in the train on the railroad
believe in the sun shining behind the clouds
sure of what is right
sure of what is wrong

and one day it happens
when you don't wait for it
and the moment is here
to make your decision

god and whiskey can't help you
you're alone with your justice
you've got everything to gain
you've got everything to loose



(Shamrock est un titre insturmental à la guitare)

(Shamrock is a guitar instrumental)



Well my cool raccoon
If you see me with your smile
eating my chicken
Be sure i'll be nervous

Well my cool raccoon
If you have your crazy smile
and kill all my chicks
Be sure i'll take my guns

Cool Raccoon
You're a cool raccoon

if you want to be my friend
please stop eating all my chicks
stop staying at this place
and go away from here

You don't pay your taxes
but use all my garden
taking advantage of me
and i never say nothing

if you see my cool raccoon
don't forget to salute him




Didn't choose where to be born
Didn't choose where to grow
I feel better in an other country
I feel myself in this same country
Don't really know why
But sure of this feeling

My blood is not blue, white and red
I'm sure it was altered
'Cuz now it's red, white and blue
Maybe too much western or country music
Too much Garth Brooks or George Strait
But that's what I like
I hate French songs with skunks tryin' to sing
I hate French complaining about everything

I'm proud of America
More than American
but you know
I was born French but live USA
Change the order of my colors
Thanks America for all you gave us
Thanks to save us, I'm sorry ...I'm French

Hate my politics, my neighbors
Hate no respect, no pride
Love « proud to be American »
« one nation, one god »
« Land of the free, home of the brave »
Love your anthem which seems to be mine



(written by George A. Hayden)

There is something about you that I can't break
you make my heart shiver and and start to shake
because I'm nervous, baby I'm nervous
I'm in love baby but not having any fun
cause I'm the nervous one

Oh, I'm the nervous one
yeah baby, I'm the nervous one
I twist and turn and I really start to burn
cause I'm the nervous one

I see you baby walking down the street
my knees start shaking and my heart skips beats
because I'm nervous, baby I'm nervous
my thoughts are dancing, you got me on the run
cause I'm the nervous one

Oh, I'm the nervous one
yeah baby I'm the nervous one
my bodys earthquaken, you got me really shaken
cause I'm the nervous one



I'm a farm boy
yeah i'm a cool boy
i've got everything i need
the sun, my friends & beers

some people need too much
they're never satisfied
i just need a simple life
my trucks, my girl & my 'ol jean

when i wear my farm boy shirt
my farm boy cap and my farm boy sweat
i've got all the things i need
and i don't want anything else
i just sing this melody

working on my tractor the day
singin' country music the night
all the time alone i work
n' all the crowd for the show
my cows, my chicks & everyone
sing that melody



There's a long way from here to boston
but ain't no money to go
my pockets still empty
not a coin, no dollar

but i need to go to boston
to see my friends there
& there is no other solution
to find money somewhere

bang bang, it's a hold up
hands up & turn round
just need your money
to go straight to boston, to boston, to boston

well i need more angels
helping me to fly away
don't need no more violence
but really need to go

to see my friends from boston
girls guns and glory band
helping me to forget
where i come from

Well i'm sorry for the bang bang
don't know which is yin or yang
just know that we'll go
to boston – boston - boston



I'm looking around
and you're not here
I'm talking to myself ?
cause you don"t hear me

I know, I know, I know you have to go

I'm feelin' lonely
and i feel so bad
i'm like a stranger
in my own world

I know, I know, I know you have to go

not like a fairy tale
more like a crazy story
not like a sunny day
but like a rainy one

my hope, my hope, my hope you have to go

why don't you want me
'cause i feel so sad
i'm so alone
and i will die

i know i have to go
you can't imagine
how much i want to stay
but the end is here

 I know, I know, I know you have to go

time is running on
just a few days near you
let me be quiet and cool
and leave you slowly
I know, I know, I know you have to go

my life is dead now
and i passed away
just met the unknow
and started a new day

my life is dead

my life is dead



I am the god's right hand man
I see everything on earth
step in to show you the way
when i know there's something wrong

And i know there's nothing in your eyes
oh-oh-----nothing in your eyes

I am the witness of your idleness
witness of your own destruction
you're happy of your poor bad life
enjoy the laws that broke your mind

And i know there's nothing in your eyes
oh-oh-----nothing in your eyes

France is a losers country
you have to pay for everything
for the rich to be more rich
for the people who don't want to work

And i know there's nothing in your eyes
oh-oh-----nothing in your eyes

Don't have dream for anything
you are creepy to loaf around
your ambition is near to nowt
nobody can tell you you're wrong
but i say
And i know there's nothing in your eyes

oh-oh-----nothing in your eyes

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